A psychic reading is an open channel of energies between yourself and a psychic. Consequently, your attitude and approach to the reading is as important as the psychic reader’s intention.

1. Read our Essential Preparation guide for some great tips on pre-reading preparation.

2. Have a list of questions ready for the psychic reading. It helps to write them down so you don’t forget them once you are on the psychic reading.

3. Try not to ask Yes/No questions. These questions tend to limit the flow of the psychic reading in the same way they would limit the flow of any conversation. Make the question is specific but open ended. This will encourage the psychic reader to give you more quality guidance.

4. Ask the psychic how they connect with their psychic abiltity. Are they a clairvoyant(see images)? Do they see past lives? This will help you appreciate the way the information flows and is being expressed.

5. If there are some general areas you want to focus on, like relationship, career, health etc, make sure you let the psychic know.

6. Don’t try to test the psychic by withholding information. This is the best way to create the worst atmosphere in a psychic reading. Were you relaxed when you did exams? Perhaps being under pressure may have helped you work out Maths problems more quickly, but in a psychic reading, it just makes the experience unnecessarily difficult and stressful for the psychic.

7. Be open to a different way of thinking about yourself and your problems. Hopefully, a psychic will be able to help you to create a totally different and empowering perspective about your problems. Dont come to a psychic reading thinking you have it all figured out. Be open to change.

8. Validate your psychic. If the psychic is saying things that make a lot of sense to you, make sure you tell them. This helps the psychic continue down the right track.

9. If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes psychics don’t communicate clearly. We are human after all.

10. Just enjoy your psychic reading. The psychic reading is time to focus on YOU. Look at it as a kind of healing session, helping you to let go of the old hurts and embrace new plans for the future.