Often there are terms you may come across when it comes to psychic and clairvoyant readers. If you want to know the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant, you need to be aware first of all the meaning of each word.

The meaning of Psychic & Clairvoyant:

The word psychic comes from the Greek word ‘psych’ which means to see. The word Clairvoyant also means to see. So in essence, to be a psychic or clairvoyant reader is pretty much the same thing. Often psychics and clairvoyants can work with or without tarot cards. The clairvoyant and psychic powers come straight from their own intuitive ability to see.

A true Clairvoyant “sees”

It is important when talking about clairvoyant and seeing that you do not limit seeing to just a visual thing. Even though many clairvoyant readers do see people, places and images, often a clairvoyant’s seeing can also mean to see into some else’s feelings, to see where situations are going or to see into what is unknowingly blocking the situation.

How one of our Clairvoyant psychics can help you….

When you have clairvoyant readings, you will be given insights and understandings into your life with the power that a clairvoyant uses to tune in and “see”. A true clairvoyant reading is not a fortune-teller revealing irrelevant dates, names and places. A clairvoyant is a gifted person who can see beyond what is obvious to you and reveal what you need to see to move forward.

Clairvoyant Readings and Relationship Advice

In a clairvoyant reading, the clairvoyant can not only see what is happening in your life, but they can use their clairvoyant gift to see into what someone close to you may also be feeling, thinking or intending. This type of clairvoyant reading can help tremendously when you feel confused or unsure of what to do with regards to another person and how to move forward.

Clairvoyant Readers help move you forward…

The clairvoyant process is not a mystery but rather it is a direct and practical way to help you make the best choices and the best timing. All the clairvoyant readers on find the right psychic do their readings first and foremost to help you in your life right now. Their clairvoyant abilities may impress you, but they are not reading to impress, but to help and support you.