Each psychic tool that a psychic can use will make every reading different, but equally successful. Knowing the different psychic arts and what they mean is important to the choice you make, so I have included this guide.

Tarot is probably the most well-known psychic art. Tarot means using a Tarot deck, which usually contains 78 cards that the psychic shuffles and arranges into what is called a “spread.”

Tarot is a visual representation of knowledge that was previously hidden from view, so how the psychic interprets the cards makes the real difference to your understanding. It is not a question of the cards showing that a situation is “good” or “bad”, but the way things really are. Good psychics are not interested in giving you false hopes or expectations.

The psychic might describe particular cards that he or she feels have important messages for you. If you focus your mind on that card, you can then strengthen the power of that message. You might even keep that image and message in mind after the reading so that you keep the energy flowing.

The real power of a Tarot reading lies in the power to change what you see.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”, and it usually refers to readings in which the psychic looks into a situation without the use of cards or any other psychic medium.

Good psychics are experienced in all areas of psychic work, so there is always an element of clairvoyance to every reading. Psychics who mainly work with clairvoyance use their imagination to create an image of what they see in their mind’s eye. The imagery can be quite vivid and you might wonder what it means. But if you relax and don’t take too much notice to your thoughts, you might discover that you could get a message in the form of a feeling from the image the psychic is describing. The psychic will then be able to tell you what the feeling means for you and what it means in your present situation.

Past Lives
The art of storytelling has been used since time immemorial, not only to keep traditions going, but to keep people connected to the greater purpose of life. Psychic Past Life Stories pay special attention to who you are and the special role you play in the greater story of harmony.

Good psychics will use past life stories to discover how your different lives are all interconnected and interwoven into the special destiny path that you are wanting to know about now. You will be surprised to discover that the way you are now is the way you have always been. This will give you the confidence that comes with getting to know who you really are.

Past Life work is especially powerful in helping people to understand why there can be deep feelings and yet so many challenges in trying to make a relationship work.

A pack of Runestones contains twenty-five symbols imprinted on usually hard surfaces like stone or pewter. The psychic shakes them around in a bag and then picks out a number of them to form a pattern that will be the basis of the reading. The symbols all have different meanings, and it is up to the psychic to put together the symbols into a meaningful presentation for the client.

Runestones seem to have a particular use in discovering the underlying patterns that we are often not aware of, but which have a great deal of subconscious influence in our lives. Some of the patterns reflect belief and habit, but the ones that good psychics look for are the symbols that will help clients to reconnect with the flow of harmony in their lives.

Contrary to what many people think, mediumship is not just about speaking to the dead. Good Psychics have a much broader understanding than that. Mediumship is the art of being a medium, or a communicator, who can make links between different worlds. In the past, beliefs about mediumship have created a focus on communications from the dead.

Good psychics are always aware that people are looking for the reasons why things happen as they do, so they realise that clients can be emotionally vulnerable and open to misunderstanding. Expectations about what should or should not happen in a mediumship reading often create anxiety, which blocks the flow. It could be that there is a message from someone who has passed away, but guides, angels and other friends are also contacted through mediumship. Clients who are open and relaxed get the most benefit from a mediumship reading.

People do not always regard astrology as a psychic art, probably because the sun, moon, stars and planets are visible forms in the sky. There are numerous computerised astrological reports available, but all good psychics are trained to read an Astrological Birth Chart completely intuitively, with no reference to printed material except a chart that represents the sky at the time of birth. Clients are amazed at how much knowledge a psychic can uncover by studying the relationships that people have with their heavenly friends.