I am always saddened to hear stories from clients who have had some pretty horrible past experiences with supposed psychics readers. Unfortunately, there are always going to be some people who will take advantage of other people’s vulnerability. Thankfully, there are simple strategies and tips to making sure that you don’t end up finding yourself being the victim of a charlatan psychic

Top Five Giveaways:

1. Don’t believe in Grandiose Promises: Charlatans don’t care how they get your money, so they will make all sorts of outlandish promises they know they can’t keep.
If you hear promises like “We’ll make your boyfriend come back 100%, Cast a spell that guarantees financial success,” or “Predict Lucky Lotto Numbers,” then run the other way quickly. Psychics can help and support you towards certain goals but they can’t make them happen. Real psychics are not Gods and they can not control other people like puppets. We certainly don’t want to!

2. Fatal or Scary Predictions: Predictions of death and tragedy are a great way for a charlatan to keep you enthralled(and frightened) without actually giving you any real insight or understanding about your life. These kind of predictions can often be quite traumatic for the client and my experience is that genuine psychics have no wish to create unnecessary pain and trauma for the people they read for.

3. Obscure or trivial information – Charlatans are always looking for ways to beef up a reading with comments that sound psychic but are in fact, quite nonsensical. Comments such as “I see a broken window pane in your house” or “I see a disregarded object that means a lot to you,” might actually sound impressive but on closer examination these remarks could mean anything to anyone.

4. Too many questions – There is nothing wrong with a psychic asking questions during a reading. Just because we are psychics doesn’t mean we know everything. However, when you find a reading starts becoming an endless succession of questions then you have to start wondering whether your reader is just trying to skillfully gain information from you. The best way to counter this problems is not to go silent but to ask questions yourself.

5. Guessing Games : Here is what a typical guessing game sounds like.

Reader : “I feel someone around you with a name called Dave. Do you know someone by this name?
Client: “Yes”
Reader: ” Are they a friend?”
Client: “Umm…well not really, just someone I know from work.”
Reader: “Well, I feel you will be getting closer to this person in the future. Have you a grandmother who has passed?”
Client “No.”
Reader: “I feel a grandparent who has passed. Is there any other grandparent who has passed.”
Client : “Well, yes, both my grandparents on my father’s side.”
Reader: “I feel the you father’s father is wanting to tell you to make sure that you have to get your relationship sorted out”
Clients: “What relationship?”
Reader: “Umm…the relationship with your family.”
Client: “Oh…ok”

As you can see, this reading seems more based on some educated guesses by the psychic. Most people know someone called Dave and most people have at least one grandparent who has passed on. This makes for a pretty dull and uninformative reading as you can see by this dialogue

Conclusion: While making sure you keep this criteria in mind, it is important to always keep an open mind to a reading. Sometimes a problem with a bad reading might be blockages in you, not the reader! So, don’t jump to a conclusion about a reader too early in a reading.