In this intriguing article, Gaye Wright explores the realm of relationships of a different kind. Do the imaginary friends we have deserve a better explanation? Is it possible that these imaginary friends might be real? What purpose do these imaginary friends play? Are these imaginary friends always in harmony? Is there a bigger picture that tells the real story?

Most parents would prefer that their children did not have imaginary friends. There is a general belief that these ghosts are merely figments of a child’s imagination. It is too challenging for most of us to entertain any alternative explanation.

A different perspective

What alternative explanation are we talking about? What point of view do you have about communications from other beings? I hesitate to call them “beings”, because that word has too many ‘New Age’ connotations. I prefer to call them friends. I have made many new “imaginary” friends over the years in my work as a psychic. Some stay around for much longer than others. My most consistent communications have been with three Chinese sages whom I call my Chums “imaginary” friends. People who experience messages from the Chums feel the validity of the communication. Any initial scepticism on my part did not stand up to the confirmation I received from other people.

Where do the imaginary friends come from?

My Chums “imaginary” friends have come from my past life associations with China and the eastern traditions. I know this because they helped me to reconnect with old knowledge in my body about breathing and movement and this lead to the creation of Origin Dynamics, which we, at Creative Life International, teach in all our seminars, courses and workshops in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Through Origin Dynamics, I have understood and experienced my body differently, and this is how I have dealt successfully with breast cancer.

What about you?

Have you had any signs that someone could be around and wanting to connect? What can you do to be sure that it is a valid communication? Be open. Do not jump to any hasty conclusions. The challenge is to relax and allow your intuitions to flow. This is the only way you can truly begin to discern what the connection might mean. Some communications seem meaningless. It could be that you have linked in with someone from your past, who only wants some help to move on. Accept that not all communications are long term, just as in your everyday life now you have short-term friendships.

Evaluating the communication

We can learn a lot from children. Most children accept their friends more easily. They do not ask for an explanation of background qualifications. Most adults seek some immediate confirmation of each other when it comes to friends. Children usually give each other the benefit of the doubt until something happens to spoil the friendship. Children rely on their gut feelings to let them know the quality of the friendship. When we listen to our intuitions, we can start to evaluate the communication at a more fundamental level than any logic can do for us. The simple question to ask is: “Does this communication feel right? Does this communication empower me into harmony?” If it generates fear, it is not an empowering connection.

Past Life Troubles

Sometimes a communication comes in the form of a trouble-maker who is into pay-back over some past life association. If this happens to you, follow the evaluation test from above. If the connection feels negative, zap it with a beam of light. It does not deserve any more of your energy than what it takes to banish it from your mind.

Future Friends

Some of the friends from your past may be ready to communicate with you now. The “imaginary” friends I am meant to work with have all connected with me spontaneously, sometimes when I have least expected anything to happen. The main thing is to have an open heart and a discerning mind. Use the evaluation questions to determine the quality of the connection. Practise breathing confidence and strength so that your body becomes more and more sensitive to the truth of your own knowing.